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Biology: Form 5 chapter 1 Tansport

main lompat-lompat topic..

1.4 The Lymphatic system

Interstial fluid

formation of interstial fluid:

Blood that enter the blood capillary are under high pressure (hydrostatic pressure), while the pressure outside the blood capillary are under low pressure (osmotic pressure), so this sufficient to cause fluid to leak out contiously from the blood capillary into the space between body cells.

Funtions of interstial fluid:
1. It forms internal environment to the of the body.
2. It bath the cells and supplies the requiment of the cells like oxygen and nutrients.
3. It receives excretory products such as carbon dioxide and urea from the cells.
4. It helps to keep the internal environment of the body within a normal range. (moist the cells)


cikgu hayati kata, bila interstial fluid dah sampai ke vein/veneous, ia akan flow back into the vein sebanyak 85%-90% dan selebihnya akan flows ke lymphatic vessels dan jadi lymph.
Lymph lebih kurang sama je macam blood plasma tapi tak de erytrocytes(red blood cells), platelets and proteins modecules. Tapi ada banyak lymphocytes.
Dekat lymphatic vessels, ada 2 cabang baru iaitu right lympatic ducts & thoracic ducts.


P/S: Dalam kelas hari tu ada tanya pasal 'Neutrotransmission' dekat cikgu. Cikgu kate memang setiap pelusuk body cells kita ada neutrotranssmitter, dimana ia berfungsi untuk menghantar impluses ke bahagian otak & neutrotransmitter ni adalah salah satu cabang dalam nervous system.

Ouh my hampir terlupa kepada
composition of interstial fluid:
Dalam interstial fluid, ia mengandungi small protein(amino acids), hormones, nutrients, water, waste products & gases. (Tanpa melihat notes hihi)

To be continue..
I love biology :)

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